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Witchy Librarian Mystery Series

Book 1: Wicked Witchcraft: A Witch Cozy Mystery

Book 2: One Wicked Sister: A Witch Cozy Mystery

Book 3: Wicked Cool: A Witch Cozy Mystery

Book 4: Wicked Wiccans: A Witch Cozy Mystery

Maddie Styles' library fundraiser has just turned into an epic disaster. Who will want to donate money for Salem Public's new elevator when a dead body was just found inside it?

As the new librarian, Maddie had seen this party as an opportunity to go from mousey witch to Librarian of the Year. It's too bad her witchy ancestry seems to follow her wherever she goes. Maddie is determined to save her reputation, as well as the library's, and finally get the funds needed for the elevator.

But what happens when her attempts to help get her in far more trouble than she thought possible?



"I loved this book! Witch cozy mysteries are hit or miss but this one had everything I like! Likeable characters, intriguing but not violent mystery, humor, friendship & a little romance."

"Full of laughs, great characters and mystery. The story line was well written and well played out. I loved Maddie. She's fun and a likable character.

"An amazing cozy little mystery than is full of action and uncovering of many details to solve the case. I Loved It!"

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