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The Heights Crew 

Book 1: Uppercut Princess: A Dark High School Romance

Book 2: Arm Candy Warrior: A Dark High School Romance

Book 3: Beautiful Soldier: A Dark High School Romance

Book 4: Knockout Queen: A Dark High School Romance

Vengeance is NOT my middle name.

It’s in my blood.

It’s tattooed on my skin.

It’s with me 24/7. The thing that drives me.

It’s also what brings me to Rawley Heights. No one would willingly come here otherwise. But me? I don’t have a choice.

Here, everyone fears the Heights Crew. They’re not just some small-town gang, they’re the real deal. Crime. Sex. Murder. Angry, self-obsessed dudes with bad attitudes.

And they’re exactly who I need to get my vengeance from.

I have my work cut out for me, but don’t worry, they have no idea who they’re dealing with.

I’m counting on it.

Uppercut Princess is a dark high school enemies to lovers RH with bully themes.



"No matter the subject E.M. knocks it out of the park every time! There are only a few RH authors that I will read due to their ability to bring all the elements into the story. E.M. is at the top of my list."

EM Moore has done it again! Uppercut Princess is a knockout start to a new series, and you will not want to put it down.
Kyla is tough, independent, fierce...and out for revenge. While we get a general idea of her motivations here, there’s still some mystery left to piece together. She really draws you in.

Yup fell in love with this within the first page. Kyla has alot on her shoulders and shes strong for that. Was not expecting a cliffy like that but I'm glad I wont have to wait long for book 2. Great job! 10 stars!

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