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The Ballers of Rockport High

Book 1: Game On: A High School Bully Romance

Book 2: Foul Line: A High School Bully Romance

Book 3: At The Buzzer: A High School Bully Romance

The Ballers of Rockport High - The Complete Collection with Bonus Scenes

I knew I’d ruffle feathers, but the day I walked into Rockport High, I had no idea the cheap shots that were to follow.

You see, the Ballers and I have a history. They play basketball. I play basketball. But they hate that I play basketball as good as them. And the only thing they hate more than that, is me.

That’s right. I’m a girl, and I. Can. Play. Make no mistake about it.

The Ballers can do their worst, but I will earn a spot on the RHS boys’ team. This is my last resort to make a name for myself, and I can’t let them interfere—even if the so-called kings of the school have declared war against me.

Game On is a reverse harem high school bully romance novel.



 "Strong, Amazing, and Addicting."


"Game on! was exactly what I thought when I picked up this book. I had no idea I was in for one hell of a ride. The author managed to convey the emotions of the FMC perfectly."

"Wow this was an amazing bully high school novel!! This is my first E.M. Moore book but now I’m going to read all of the other novels that are out!!"

"OMG this book was AMAZING! The ending had me in tears. I love Tessa for being so strong and determined. I hope she is able to give the boys a taste of their own medicine."

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