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Loved this book! Loved the characters! Really want this to continue and show them getting together. What that process looks like and so on. Please write more!!! Pretty please!"

Aside from Tessa and the Ballers, I think this is definitely coming to the head as my potential new favorite of Moore's books."

The Rockstars of Hollywood Hills

Book 1: Rock On: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance

Rockstars live by their own set of rules…and these guys are no different.

Cruel. Privileged. Sexy.

The summer alone with four rockstars in a beach house sounds like a dream come true.


What I thought was going to be my big break ends up being my own personal nightmare. I’m not learning about music. I’m not making music. I’m a glorified babysitter for one of the hottest bands around.

Worse yet, they despise me.

I’m their servant, not their assistant, and because I need this job, I can’t even fight back…

Until I do.

Trust me, I won’t let anyone take my big dreams away, especially not the four guys who do everything they can to make sure I know my place is not next to them.

ROCK ON is a full-length reverse harem bully romance novel.

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