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Ravana Clan Vampires 

Book 1: Chosen by Darkness: Reverse Harem Romance

Book 2: Into The Darkness: Reverse Harem Romance

Book 3: Falling For Darkness: Reverse Harem Romance

Book 4: Surrender To Darkness: Reverse Harem Romance

One forgotten girl. Four determined vampire princes.


~The Ravanas~

We watched.

We waited.

Now, she’s ours.




Brought to The Fort and forced to train so I can protect the four impossibly handsome vampire royalty who say they want only me.


You might think I’d be furious. Expected to sacrifice my life for theirs…


I’m not.


I belong in this world, and I’ll give up everything to protect it from our enemies.


Watch me.



"Absolutely enjoyed." -Amazon Reviewer

"This story is very well written." -kidcrazy, Amazon Reviewer

"OK I admit it, I'm officially in love with this story!" -Diana, Amazon Reviewer

"Lots of fun!" -FoxKnight, Amazon Reviewer

"I need more! I've fallen head over heels for the Ravanas." -Anna G, Amazon Reviewer

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