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"The dynamic between the two main characters is flaming hot! You also get to see the lead male grow as person/vampire. You want a book to turn you on this is one of them. If I could live in a book and choose who I wanted to be, this book would win."

"I F'ing Loved this book. It reminded me why I love PBR. Kayleigh and Galen are a fantastic couple. Galen had enough Bite to be a Vampire in the original way. No shimmery skin. I got the free Epilogue from the author. That was so worth it and really completeled their story. Five Fangs on this one!"

Coveted by The Dark Series

Book 1: Thirst For Her: A Dark Paranormal Romance

Book 2: Ache For Her: A Dark Paranormal Romance

The thing he never knew he wanted…

Galen Dumont needs only two things to survive his immortal life: blood and to be in command. But when Kayleigh’s brought to him as a Feeder, the very thing he’s supposed to drain until he has no use for them, the game changes.

He wants her.

He needs her.

And for that, he’ll make her pay.

THIRST FOR HER is a dark paranormal romance with a commanding vampire alpha and a heroine you can’t help but root for.

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