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Chronicles of Cas Series

Book 1: Reawakened: A Reverse Harem Romance

Book 2: Hidden: A Reverse Harem Romance

Book 3: Power: A Reverse Harem Romance

Book 4: Severed: A Reverse Harem Romance

Book 5: Rogue: A Reverse Harem Romance

Salem's magic has always stayed hidden...until now.

Salem Public Library’s own Cas Marston has a secret. With the blood of countless Ley Line Guardians running through her veins, there are certain expectations on her shoulders…expectations that have nothing to do with cataloging books.

For centuries, Ley Line Guardians have kept Salem's magical ties a secret from the outside world, but when ley energy begins blasting out over Salem, Cas finds herself with a bit of an issue. One she needs to put a stop to—and fast. With her brother missing and the city nearing disaster level, the local coven offers a solution. Torn between family and duty, Cas is faced with an impossible decision that will seal fates…one way or another.

Will Cas find a way to fulfill her duty as Salem's Ley Line Guardian? Or should she heed her brother's last message…and run?

Reawakened is a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat Urban Fantasy that packs a punch! If you like to read the work of Annie Bellet and Patricia Briggs then you will love E. M. Moore and her hot new series Chronicles of Cas!



"It's rare to find a book that just compels you to read it straight through, though. I'm so lucky to have found that in this story by Ms. Moore. What an incredible journey she took me on; I cannot wait to read the next in this series."

"Loved the strong female role, she was real and made mistakes but not a "campy" feel. Can't wait to see if anything romantic happens between the characters in the next books. I really liked that it was dfferent than other stories I've read, so kept me interested."

"Reawakened is so much like the television series Supernatural, I kept waiting for Sam and Dean to step in to help lol. Cas is one badass hunter/guardian. With the help of some paranormals, she has to try to shut down the ley line and save Salem. This is such an awesome book that I can't wait for more."

"Witches, Werewolves and Good Guys all in Salem. What more could you ask for? This new author is hitting all the high spots for an Urban Fantasy. I really enjoyed the pace of this story. It is an ongoing adventure but did not leave you on a cliff (hate cliff hangers.) Take one well trained female guardian, mix well with a plethora of strange characters, add a dash of stubborn and pour out a cocktail of fun."

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